Happy Belated Grandparents Day!

by Weam Namou

Mom (4)

I’m one of the many who did not celebrate Grandparents Day on September 7th. But in my defense, my grandparents have long ago passed away, and my mother, who is geographically the only grandparent available to my children, is a strong part of our life. We celebrate her presence regularly.

What I noticed was that no major store advertised for Grandparents Day. No local activities were set up in its honor, and if they were I totally missed it. No noise was made about it, as it happens for Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, to name a few.

This says a lot about how our society views our elderly. We overly focus on one type of people, like youth, which in turn creates an unbalanced society. The wisdom an elderly has to offer is invaluable. If we tapped into their rich minds, hearts and spirits, we would come out a richer civilization.