In Honor of International Peace Day

by Weam Namou

International Peace Day

“We invest in chaos because chaos is more profitable than peace,” said Greek composer Vangelis.

Hmmm, everything is making sense now. Luckily, there are many people around the world who opt for peace over profit. Today at church, for instance, the Pastor talked about The Book of Ruth, and how in several chapters of the book, everyone is looking for the best interest of everyone else.

“This is remarkable, and it’s very rare,” said Pastor Aaron. “What would happen if we all lived like Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz? What if as a family we all look for the best interest of each other, beyond the pain? What if as a church we look out for other churches and their pastors and their congregations? When people walk around thinking only of themselves, it becomes a toxic environment for other people.”

He added, “When I go into a season of discouragement, I get out and start thinking of someone outside of me. This is when I begin to get healthier.”

Are you up for a healthier spirit?