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Month: June, 2017

Iraqi Americans Protest in Sterling Heights

Yesterday was an exhausting and sad day as I interviewed families of the 100+ Iraqi-born people who were rounded up Sunday from their homes, churches, restaurants, and one elderly was even taken out of the hospital. Some of them have been here since 1978 with “crimes” that consisted of a brawl in a bar and possession of marijuana over 25 years ago (when it was considered a felony, now it’s a misdemeanor).

Full story will be published by The Chaldean News.



The US Book Review of My Book

The Great American Family Eric Hoffer Award Winner.jpg

The US Book Review of my book The Great American Family: A Story of Political Disenchantment 

The true and gripping story of an all-American girl charged with illegally selling telecommunications equipment to Iraq. However, her co-conspirator turns out to be a CIA operative, possibly working on a project to bug Saddam Hussein and his top henchmen.

The author makes good use of firsthand accounts, skillfully weaving them together to show how the “War on Terror” has blurred or perhaps frayed our criminal justice system. As an Iraqi-American journalist the author has the prefect background to tell this story. Settings are well-depicted and characters come to life so that it’s tempting to skip ahead to learn the resolution. This book takes a hard look at how terrorism, oppression, and sanctions invite hypocrisy, abuse of power and double-dealing. One hopes this isn’t an example of the new normal for America but fears that it is.