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Month: August, 2014

Where’s the Doritos?

“I feel so bad for the squirrels,” my sister said. “The trees were not very fruitful this year so they don’t have enough to eat.”

“Oh, that explains why they’ve been gathering at my patio,” I said, and told her how today, for instance, a squirrel came by and fought to open my can of Pam near the barbecue grill. He rolled with it until it fell onto the grass and he jumped after it. Ten minutes later, I found its red lid on top of the swing set.

I also told her how a few days ago my children forgot a bag of Doritos outside overnight. In the morning, a squirrel appeared, sniffing around until he reached the Doritos bag. He ate from it, and then his friends came and ate from it. The next several days, different colored squirrels stopped by looking for food. In the past, I have given them bread, cookies, cereal. But at one point, they started to get too close for comfort, coming right up to my slide door.

“If the trees are not fruitful,” I said to my sister, “how come this year I have seen more squirrels than ever before in this area?”

She pondered on that, but had no answer. I think in America, everyone is fed well, even the squirrels.


Mayor Lawrence Bringing Women & Minorities to the Table

Mayor of Southfield (2)

A few days ago, a Chaldean colleague invited me to join him to the Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. The meeting was held at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the guest speaker was Mayor Brenda Lawrence of Southfield.

I had previously met Mayor Lawrence, when earlier in the year she spoke at an International Woman’s Day event. Given her motivational stories, her pride in her work as “a public servant”, and her down-to-earth personality, I was glad to have this opportunity once again.

“The voice of women and the voice of minority are very important,” said the Mayor. “There is a window to see things from them that people without diverse background have not seen.”

A real go-getter, Mayor Lawrence refused to sit down when in the past she lost a political race.

“We as women allow ourselves to be a ‘loser’ when we lose,” she said. “We often allow others to define us. But my grandmother always told me, ‘Don’t ever let someone tell you to sit when you have the right to walk through the door and stand in the room.’”

She stresses the importance of having more women and more minorities at the congressional table, because, she said, “As they say, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

The History of Warren

American FlagThis morning I was doing some research about the City of Warren when I stumbled upon a website that not only had in depth information, but it offered a free book and DVD.  I got dressed and drove to the Village Book Exchange, where a copy of the book was available.

“I can pay something for it,” I told the woman at the counter.

“Nope,” she said. “The author – a professor – wants to give it to people for free.”

“Thank you,” I said. “This is a beautiful gift.”

Professor Wesley Arnold, a historian, compiled over one hundred pages of colorful pictures and detailed information from the time Macomb was nothing but marshland and forests. I have had the chance to go through parts of it, and I can say that so far it is filled with “Love, Peace and Freedom” – the title of his DVD.

For more information, visit

Obama, Obama, Where Are You?

Obama, Obama, where are you? Iraqi Christians they need you!”

Today thousands of people marched for miles on Ryan Road in Sterling Heights, asking that our President help the Iraqi Christians.

ISIS has started taking children, mothers and fathers to a park in Mosul and systematically beheading them, then putting their heads on a stick.

While it is easier to create a mess than clean it, President Obama, you must help clean this mess! Once it’s cleaned, if it even can be at this point, the next big question should be, “The criminals who helped start this genocide, this bleeding of Iraq, where are you now?”