Provoking Americans to Think and Become One Team

Today @ 3pm (EST) Ed Tyll will once again interview me. Will it be another political boxing match, as it was last summer? I had written a blog post of this very provocative 75 minute interview, where I’d predicted Trump would win and he’d called me, after many political punches, brilliant. Wonder what will happen today.

Cultural Glimpse

rainbow-flowerI was scheduled for a 20 minute interview at 2:30 pm by award winning talk show host Ed Tyll on Starcom Radio Network. Within a minute of our interview, I realized this was not the typical interview. It was a political rumble (one of my listeners called it egotistical bullying). I held my ground, threw my own political punches and 80 minutes later, he said, “You’re the most provocative person I’ve interviewed. You’re intelligent and brilliant and you never lost your femininity. I haven’t gone this much over an interview in 3 or 4 years.” He has been in this business for over 40 years. Oh, and he also invited me out to dinner.

Overall, the interview was fun, engaging and I saw, once again, how the lessons I’d learned from Lynn Andrews’ 4-year school about feminine power could be used as a tool to create harmony between people and…

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