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Happy Belated Grandparents Day!

Mom (4)

I’m one of the many who did not celebrate Grandparents Day on September 7th. But in my defense, my grandparents have long ago passed away, and my mother, who is geographically the only grandparent available to my children, is a strong part of our life. We celebrate her presence regularly.

What I noticed was that no major store advertised for Grandparents Day. No local activities were set up in its honor, and if they were I totally missed it. No noise was made about it, as it happens for Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, to name a few.

This says a lot about how our society views our elderly. We overly focus on one type of people, like youth, which in turn creates an unbalanced society. The wisdom an elderly has to offer is invaluable. If we tapped into their rich minds, hearts and spirits, we would come out a richer civilization.

I Don’t Speak Your Language, But Let’s Talk!

Today two of my nieces, who are also sisters, each baptized her baby son. After church, we gathered at a lovely restaurant in downtown Rochester. Neither of my nieces’ husbands is of Middle Eastern backgrounds. One of them is originally from Central America. Well, he decided to have a little chat with my mom. Mind you, he does not speak Arabic or Chaldean. My mother does not speak Spanish or English.

They talked about totally different subjects. My mother raved about what a good person her granddaughter is and how much she loves her and he accused my mother of knowing more English than she leads on (probably doesn’t help that his wife, my niece, always felt like my mother is an undercover FBI agent who understands more than she has everyone believe). Yet even though their words hit in various directions, the two enjoyed some nice communication. And believe me when I tell you, it is not easy to get my mother to talk!

Goes to show, one need not know the same language in order to enjoy each other’s company or have a good conversation. One need only have a big heart.

With her grand-daughter's husbands
My mother with my nieces’ husbands