A Kid’s Take on Martin Luther King

by Weam Namou


I was watching my five-year-old nephew when he soon whimpered, “I want to call my dad!” I avoided his request because the reason his dad dropped him off at my house to begin with was to get time alone.

My nephew insisted. “My teacher said that it’s Martin Luther King Day and we have to be nice to people.”

“Meaning?” I said.

“You should be nice to me,” he said, smiling.

He suckered me in. The name Martin Luther King brings the softest side in you. Most people are moved by Dr. King’s “I have a dream speech” but he had many many inspirational values that if we applied to our daily life, we would live in peace.

Later my nephew said, “I want Martin Luther King to come back to life, so he can tell us about his dream.”

His words really touched my heart. Unfortunately, we can’t bring Martin Luther King back to life, but we can keep his dream alive by living it.