Conversations in Silence

by Weam Namou

Mother Meera

I just finished reading the book Conversations in Silence, which is written by an old friend whom I have not seen in a long time. Narendra, the author, was born in India. In his book, he describes in diary form his journey with a spiritual master, Mother Meera. He meets her in the early 1990s when he is sent on a job project in Germany.

Mother Meera is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother on earth. She was born in India but today she lives in a tiny hamlet in the German countryside where she gives thousands of visitors her unique blessing of Darshan – in silence.

She teaches the unity of all religions. Everyone can go their own ways. It is only important to be connected with the light (the personal spiritual role model) every day by praying, reading or meditating.

Narendra’s accounts in this book, his determination to attain enlightenment, are inspiring. After work (he’s an engineer), he is anxious to drive for hours to sit – even if briefly – in front of Mother Meera. One wonders how this world would be if we gave as much attention to our spiritual growth as we did to the physical and mental aspects of our lives.