The Masters and a Bee Gees Song

One of the first English-speaking music bands we listened to as we awaited our Visa to the United States was the Bee Gees. When we arrived to our new country in February 1981, we continued to relish this band’s top-hit songs.

Last night, we went to the Masters Restaurant in Madison Heights. My family and I have frequented this restaurant for years for its family-friendly atmosphere, its delicious and reasonably priced dishes and the nice sounding piano lounge singer who plays every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

At my request, Gordy Hunter sang one of the Bee Gees songs yesterday. It was the first time I’d ever talked to him, as our table was right beside him. Normally, our group is a lot larger and we end up either sitting on the second floor balcony or on the other side of the restaurant.

My memory went back to the olden days, before all of us ten siblings got married and formed our own families. Although the majority of us live within a mile or two from each other, I felt a little sad at the memory – until my brother told us about his first date with his now wife of twelve years. He had brought her to the Masters and for reasons he didn’t go into, he said that he’d told her he had no plans of marrying her and she ended up in tears. Laughing wholeheartedly, he then said, “I guess, that trick worked.”