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Burger King is Healthy Food!

A few days ago my nieces spent the night and the next day, I decided to take them to Burger King for lunch. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy so I observed the menu and pushed myself to order the chicken Caesar salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing. I placed the tray of chicken nuggets, whopper Jr.’s, fries, ketchup and sodas on one table where the kids immediately attacked.

At a separate table I sat with my tray of salad. I undid the plastic lid, looked at the salad and without even touching the thing, I got sick. I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t sit at a Burger King and not eat a whopper! Not when everyone around me was doing it. I returned the salad to the front, apologized profusely and asked if I could swap it for a whopper.

“Of course!” said the manager. She totally sympathized.

I immersed in my whopper, all the meanwhile remembering the wise words my son spoke last winter, “Burger King is healthy.”

It sure is. After enjoying my whopper, I was able to exercise at the gym, focus on my writing, make my husband a nice dinner, tell my kids a bedtime story – all with a smile on my face!


Peeing in the Pool


The summer has been stressful enough as it is – hopping from the beach to the pool and back again – when my son decided today to add a little touch to it. The fitness club I belong to has a beautiful outdoor pool area in the summertime that really, I have not found the equivalence of.

Well, a few minutes after we arrived, my sister-in-law exclaimed, “Your son is peeing in the pool!”

I looked and there was my son, his swimsuit pulled down and a tiny water fountain crossing into the lap pool. I guess we had watched Parental Guidance one too many times last week (4 times to be exact, not counting when we first saw it in a movie theater). For those who have not seen it, the movie stars Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. They’re assigned to babysit their three grandchildren when the youngest one decides to pull down his pants and pees onto a half-pipe.

Of course, I scolded my son and the lifeguard who witnessed the incident had the pool shut down. I must say, the employees were so gracious about it!

Later on, we met with some friends at Burger King and when I told them what had happened, a fourteen year old friend said to my son, “You’re supposed to pee inside the pool, not outside of it.”
It wasn’t exactly the advice I was looking for, but what the heck! I still have a month and a half of summer to go.

Fighting the Whopper

The Whopper

I think I gained a few pounds. Actually, I know I have. My jeans felt tight today. I tried to remember if they were newly washed. Nope. I kept trying to find excuses to this recent change of size when the reality was I haven’t gone to the gym in a long time.

I took my kids and my nieces to Burger King, as I promised I would if they played in the basement for a little while and left me alone. I ordered food for everyone but myself. I was determined not to eat fast food, just to drink coffee and work on my laptop. Then one of my nieces came up to me. “I want a Whopper too,” she said.

It was a tricky situation. I had a buy-one-get-one coupon. Do I let the coupon go to waste or do I risk getting the extra whopper and eating it. I figured wasting a coupon was not a wise housewife thing to do, so I ended up with two whoppers by the time I returned to the table. I took my seat and worked on the computer, writing away while wondering who was going to eat that extra whopper. I’ll give it to my husband, that’s what I’ll do, I decided. Or I’ll drop it off to my mom’s house. She’ll think that’s such a nice daughterly gesture. It was settled. Someone else was going to eat the whopper and I’ll get extra brownie points for thinking of them.

Before walking out of Burger King, I took one of the kids’ empty drink cups and refilled it up with lemonade, my favorite drink when eating out. That should have been a warning. In the car, I thought what a bad idea it was to give my mother an unhealthy sandwich. My husband should eat this sandwich, I decided, as I parked the car in the garage. Inside the house, the lights were all off. My husband was taking a nap. I quickly went inside, started the fireplace, added jalapeno peppers and mustard on the whopper and sat beside the fireplace with my lemonade. I gobbled that sandwich like I had not eaten for days. Even though it was cold by now, it was delicious. I was so happy to have lost to the whopper.

By the way, the Whopper was created in 1957 by Burger King founder James McLamore and sold for 37 cents.