Marriage of Self to Self

by Weam Namou


As I leave to join great author and mystic Lynn Andrews at a gathering, to learn and share more wisdom, I also announce the release of my next book. Healing Wisdom for a Wounded World: My Life-Changing Journey Through a Shamanic School (Book 3) highlights the third year of my apprenticeship in Lynn Andrews’ four-year shamanic school.

The third-year work focuses on balancing one’s emotions, building endurance, working deeply with the chakra systems, and celebrating the marriage of self to self. Through my journey, you will gain insight into these ancient holographic teachings where the past, present, and future exist simultaneously as our reality. This is a theory which goes back to the indigenous people who believed that we exist in a dream or illusion. Physicists across the world are now thinking the same thing and people are awakening to the possible idea of birthing a new story for our planet.

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