Shabbat Shalom Olam

by Weam Namou

A Wolf Song

I want to share this powerful prayer, which for me reads like a poem, by Lisa Osina, author of A Wolf Song: A Story of Forgiveness. She too is a graduate of Lynn Andrews’ shamanic school and has been using words to spread awareness, joy and peace into the world.

She wrote this prayer in honor of Shabbat, an observance in Judaism that’s primarily a day of rest and spiritual enrichment. It’s a time when people set aside all of their weekday concerns, engage in restful activities, and devote themselves to higher pursuits.

Her sacred words help us see how our attachments to manifestation often spoil our peace and enjoyment (sometimes even our relationships).

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Shabbat Shalom Olam

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are sacred days
Each celebrates and observes in their own way.

The common is prayer and each individual has a way.

I am working on shifting the way I pray and how the manifestation of Prayer requests happens.

The first thing I learned is that it doesn’t manifest.

Prayers are not ‘answered’ the way we’ve been told
Prayers do not bring health, happiness or good fortune.
Prayer opens a person to God, the Universe and the energies that rule our world.
When we pray to a force outside of ourselves our wishes and dreams become scattered and unfocussed because our intent gets lost in the thick of it,

Relying on another will only bring you their wishes.

My prayer today is for peace within me
Because we cannot expect peace in the world until we’ve come to peace with ourselves.

Oh dear great Sprit
What is it within me that holds the peace?
Where is it stored, how can I pull it out and share?

In this day when battles are raging inside and outside
I pray for the flower to bring beauty
I pray for the people to see it
I pray to be open to for what I don’t know
and let questions be answered with echoes and mirrors.

On this night of sacred air, soft rain and dew
I see the peace, I feel the peace
Oh Lord let me be the peace

To which Lord do I speak?

She lives in the cloud on the outskirts in shades of pink and purple
He lives inside the wolf beside me
They live amongst the fairies and the elves
Where wonder thrives and rules won’t go.

I dream of light, I dream of good
Where we open to love, she returns the food.

When we ask out loud, to whom do we speak?
But her tiny self inside the heart
Her womb is ready for birth.

Where wind blows and shifts my thoughts
Where rain washes away the sorrow
and Sunshine dries my spirit from wet rag to riches.

I pray, I honor, I trust
the new day will come and I accept the unknown it holds.

I release it to the heavens.


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