Ziplining through the Yucatan Peninsula Jungle

by Weam Namou

Today’s freezing cold reminded me of the beautiful warm weather in Cancun, particularly the day we ziplined in the Yucatan jungle. The video here is the second zipline adventure we did, and it was mild in comparison to the first one, where the zipline was so high, they paired us with our children.

I was proud to have participated in something excitingly frightening – until on the flight home, I watched Everest and felt that this zipline really paled in comparison to most adventures. Anyway, I still take credit for doing something outside my comfort zone. When you’re in that area, surrounded by nature, it becomes natural to do physical activity.

The Yucatan Peninsula consists largely of the ancient Maya Lowlands, with many Maya archaeological sites such as the Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Uxmal. In modern history, it was largely a cattle ranching, logging, chicle and henequen production area. Since the 1970s, and the fall of the world henequen and chicle market due to the advent of synthetic subtitles, the Yucatan Peninsula’s economy has leaned more on tourism.

Due to this, we were able to enjoy a stroll in a Mayan town, having lunch at a family-owned Mayan restaurant, and experiencing several ceremonies with Mayan shamans, which for me was the most delightful adventure!