Transforming Your Fears

by Weam Namou

Today I received this letter from Lynn Andrews. In the last four years, Lynn and her school has helped me transform my life through her teachings so I wanted to share information about a two-week online course she has from September 25- October 8.
My Dear Apprentices,
My teachers tell me that modern societies are living in greater chaos and confusion now than at any other time in history. They say that humans were never intended to live in this kind of pressure. Yet here we are, and it is a chaos and confusion that we, ourselves have created, for we are the ones who have poisoned the air that we breathe, the soils in which we grow our food, and the waters that are the very source of life itself. We are the ones who have created and bought in the paradigm of perpetual warfare instead of harmony, creating weapons of mass destruction so powerful they are capable of wiping out entire cities in the blink of an eye. Will we use those weapons? That is a choice we will have to make. And yet, we find ourselves moving into fear, not making choices, not creating abundance. Why is that?
Fear is a trap that we fall into, and when we are caught in the grips of fear, we are unable to move forward. We are stuck in a place of negativity, and we have moments when love and power seem to be unattainable. When we are standing in fear, abundance cannot move into our life. As I look out across the landscape of life, I see so much opportunity just waiting for us to tap into it. We live in a time when the creative brilliance of the human spirit, combined with the technology we have, puts all of possibility at our fingertips. Think about this for a moment. Just look at the incredible opportunities that are there for us today. Life is filled with abundance, and it’s all there for you to accept. So what is keeping you from it?
What is next for you? It is time for each of us to transform our fears, to take another step forward into the life we have been dreaming of, whatever that may be. Of course, even then there will be new difficulties to face, new fears to look at and transform, and hopefully each time you do it will be easier for you as you fill with light and gratitude. I am here to help you with all of that by giving you the tools you can use each time you are faced with fear.
It is my dearest wish for each of you that as you move forward in your lives, that you will seek the truth that is within you, learning how to discern the right path. Our next online course begins this week, and I have created it to help you do exactly that. “Transforming Your Fears with the Four Sacred Laws of the Painted Feather” is filled with the steps you can take to explore your fears, and then transform them, opening your heart and spirit to love and abundance. I want you to begin to find the inner peace and joy that comes from living by the Four Sacred Laws of the Painted Feather; to glow, beautifully attracting a life that is abundant with goodness for you to share, and that you will live fully each day, freed of the limits that fear imposes.
You are each so very dear to me, and to the Sisterhood of the Shields. I hope you will join me on this next step towards living the life you deserve to enjoy and love.
Lynn Andrews