Iraqi Americans: The War Generation

by Weam Namou

Iraqi Americans the War Generation FRONT ONLY (2)

The War Generation, the first of the Iraqi Americans book series, was published today. It is a collection of 36 articles that I wrote over the years which paint a picture of Iraqi Americans’ political and social situation and their struggles. The views that leaders, politicians and activists I interviewed had about Iraq and the United States fascinated me, especially since their views largely differed from, or were not found in, mainstream media. Given these people’s direct connection to both countries, I felt it was important that their stories and perspectives be heard.

The War Generation has a large focus on Christianity and the biblical city of Nineveh because, after the 2003 US-led invasion, Christians were heavily targeted by fundamentalists. Many leaders foresaw the genocide that began in June 2014 against this group of people and tried for over a decade to establish an autonomous region in Nineveh for Christians and other minorities in Iraq. Their efforts were in vain.

The Iraqi Americans book series will not only focus on this community’s political issues but will also highlight its writers and artists, traditions, celebrations and ethnic cooking. Hopefully it will develop critical, aesthetic and creative sensibilities necessary for Iraqis and Americans to become better acquainted, and, as a result, motivate individuals to end the destructive acts that have, politically and economically, terrorized both the East and the West.

The book is available in print and eBook