Love and Power and War

by Weam Namou


This morning I read a passage about war in Lynn Andrew’s book, Love and Power (pg.76), which I felt is important to share.

War comes from the idea and the belief that I am here and you are there, and we are separate. There is a great weakness in this concept. In blindly accepting the concept of duality, you will always lose, because you become lost in a deadly game of social power. The game of social power is very different from the game of personal power. In personal power, you honor a worthy opponent, which I’ll explain later. In the game of social power, you are trying to win over someone else. That immediately puts you in a one-down position, which is an aggressive, confrontational position of separation. If you are trying to live in true power, this one-down position will defeat you at every turn. You are caught before a vast chasm of duality where you are forever distanced from others whom you wish to dominate.

The first step toward bridging the chasm of duality is accepting life as it is.