Have we Turned 9/11 into a tradition rather than a lesson?

by Weam Namou

911 (signed names)

I watched the ceremonies performed yesterday in honor of those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Across the country, the names of victims were called and people stood in silence to remember the dreadful events of that day. Broadcasters  talked about how the “threat of terrorism” still lingers on 13 years later, and I wondered, what lesson have we learned from this attack, if we learned any lesson at all?

The 9/11 Commission left many questions unanswered because of the initial destruction and removal of evidence and the budget being limited to $15 million, whereas $30 million was given to dig up the dirt in the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal. In order to really honor the victims, we should make a greater effort learning a lesson from the events that led to their loss – not just perform ceremonies.