What “If Only” Moments Are in Your Life Right Now?

by Weam Namou

If Only

“Our Creator wants our ‘If only’ moments to become teaching moments,” said Pastor Marcus during today’s sermon at Freedom Christian.

The pastor shared how over a bad break-up, he had become sad, depressed, angry and bitter because he held on to one ‘if only’ moment rather than learn from it and move on.
“We use our ‘if only’ moments as an excuse not to take responsibility for our lives,” he said. “We say, ‘If only I had a different upbringing, a different past, or if I could clear up some things in my life, then I could have this or that, or have a relationship with my Creator.”

He told us the story of King David, who said to God, “If only you, God, would slay the wicked!” because King David felt that if God could do this one thing for him, he in return could do so much for God.

“When you identify what your ‘if only’ moments are and hang onto it, you get stuck in your struggles and pain because you blame someone else for your life,” said Pastor Marcus. “You do not take responsibility for your actions. You lose your dreams and hopes because it’s hard to look towards your future. You never progress emotionally and get stuck in immature ways of thinking.”

While Pastor Marcus would not trade his ‘if only’ moments, as they helped him be the man he is today, he also encourages us to have God help us turn our ‘if only’ moments into a teaching moment.

If only people would take this message seriously…