Bring the Rain Forest to Your School

by Weam Namou

Rain Forest

When I saw a brochure in my daughter’s folder with photos of exotic birds, snakes, monkeys and alligators, with the words live on stage I thought, “There has to be a catch. No way would an elementary school have a program as interesting as this brochure claims to be.”  But in case it was real, I was not going to take a chance of missing this show.

Well, the show was way beyond my expectations.  Not only was it entertaining, but it was educational and designed specifically for kindergarten through sixth grade.

“We do this because we believe if you see how beautiful and intelligent these animals are, then you will help the rain forest,” said the trainer.

The animals sure were intelligent. A McCaw flew over the crowd to grab a dollar from the hand of a volunteer audience member, and later returned it to his hand. A capuchin monkey drank from a Sippy cup. Kids got to get kissed by parrots. People got to pet alligators and take pictures with snakes. It was wonderful! Ninety minutes of pure lively entertainment and at half the cost of going to the movies.

When the time was up, the trainer said, “It’s getting late and you guys are just about ready to go home, right?”

“No!” the kids literally screamed.

It was great to see how creatively the trainers incorporated the live animals to deliver a powerful message.

“It’s really up to you and me and how we choose to live our lives that will save the rain forests,” he said. “So get involved! Because together we will make a difference!”


To bring the rainforest to your school, contact your school and tell them about this incredible show:   1-888-738-0398