He Slam Dunks It at the Church Picnic!

by Weam Namou

Tents spread over the green front yard of the church. Hot dogs and hamburgers were on the barbecue grill. Tables of food extended long and wide, serving snacks and homemade summer salads. One woman brought over her delicious juicy barbecue ribs and cowboy bacon beans. A paper explaining the small $1 and $3 fees for the food was initially placed on the table, but it soon flew into the air and landed on the ground. No one bothered to pick it up. No one noticed it was missing. There wasn’t anyone to collect money, just servers serving food, with a happy smile on their faces. After five minutes of searching, I finally spotted someone to give my tithe to.

Something about the atmosphere reminded me of the community in “Little House on the Prairie.” I watched one pastor kick a ball around with two little boys. Another pastor walked to the water slam dunk and pressed the button so the person inside fell in the water. An older couple at our picnic table told us they’ve been coming to Freedom Christian for four years. The husband played the piano. He was blind, but he could see more than most people I knew.

It was a wonderful and blessed way to start a Sunday.

Slam Dunk