Fifteen Years Later…

by Weam Namou


We were the “four – sometimes five – musketeers” until one by one each of us, with the exception of Jehan (in the grey dress), got married and had kids. Now it’s Jehan’s turn to get married. In an attempt to spend some quality time together before she moves to California, we met at Mon Jin Lau for dinner.

“Do you know it has been 15 years since we last went out like this?” Jehan asked.

We did not know that. She could calculate these numbers because unlike us, she does not have to juggle so many things at once – at least not yet. One thing I must give our little group credit for is how little they have changed these past fifteen years. They still maintain a healthy active lifestyle while maintaining a home and raising a family.

May we continue to meet like this, but not wait another fifteen years to do so!