My Cousin’s Beautiful Engagement Party

by Weam Namou

Firas & Nora’s Engagement Party

Getting engaged in the Chaldean (Christian Iraqi) tradition is no small affair – not even in America. First you go to the girl’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. After her parents consent, another gathering is held at her house where the suitor dresses her with a piece of jewelry that announces to the public she is spoken for. Then comes the engagement party, where a priest and more jewelry is involved and which could be as intimate as 50 guests or as elaborate as 300 guests. My engagement party was right in between, with 150 guests.

Today was my cousin’s engagement party and he had some 300 guest. That’s the number of people I had at my wedding (my wedding was considered very small). The average Chaldean-American wedding now-a-days is anywhere from 500 to 700 guests. Of course, there will be other ceremonies between the engagement and the wedding, such as the henna and maybe a bachelor/bachelorette party, among other things.

Regardless of size or elaborateness, in the end, it is always nice to watch two people’s joy in sharing their happiness with loved ones.

Congratulations Firas & Nora!

Firas and Nora