Legendary Iraqi Singer

by Weam Namou

Sadoon Jabir is a legendary Iraqi singer who back in the olden days, brought my mom to tears as she listened to him on the radio and remembered her son who’d left Iraq for America when he was 21 years old. Yesterday at Farmington Manor, he brought many tears, as he is known to do wherever he goes, as he sang his famous heart-felt songs about love and Iraq.

In honor of its first year anniversary, the Mesopotamian Forum for Art and Culture brought Sadoon Jabir and the great Iraqi composer, Nadhem Naeem. I was to cover the story, and I tried to – when I wasn’t swept away by the wonderful songs, the tears, the laughter, the joy and the excitement. Because of all the excitement, Mr. Jabir said it would be best that I interviewed him one-on-one on a different day.

After watching him perform, I wonder if when I do get that chance to sit with him if I’ll be more apt to beg that he sings some or whether to ask him questions.