Kalahari – Our Family’s Summer Ritual

For years my family and I have made it a tradition to spend a weekend at Kalahari with our extended family. The first time my husband and I went was in 2006, when our daughter was six months old. At that time, there was only an indoor water park. The following year, the outdoor waterpark was opened, making me fall in love with the place. No other resort that was so close to home made me feel like I was truly on vacation and not simply settling for an outdoor pool with a flimsy Jacuzzi.

The Kalahari Resort is named after the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa and has the African-themed designs and events. The place is truly fun, and it has accommodations for large family groups. My favorite times are late at night and early in the morning. At night, everyone sits together and shares good food and conversations they would not otherwise share if we were not all sleeping under one roof.

Early in the morning, I make a cup of coffee and sit outside. I watch the beautiful scenery that embraces the resort and I think how one day when my children grow up, they will reflect on this family tradition. Kalahari will be a part of their stories.

Kalahari (2014)