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Summer is Here – Oh Goodness!

Just two days into summer and I’m already exhausted! We’ve gone to the pool a number of times and today, it was the start of those fun Sunday beach outings where you stand under the sun for hours keeping an eye on the kids as they build sand castles and swim in the water. Then after hours of catering to their needs, and feeling dizzy in the process, you get someone crying, “I don’t want to leave!” which continues to pound in your head on the drive home.

At home, you have to unpack the coolers, give the kids a bath and remove the sand that clings to the bottom of the bathtub. By the time you have a chance for a breather, or to write a post on your blog, you get “Mom, I’m hungry.”

And that’s just the beginning of summer.


Mommy and Daughter at Work

Like many of the women in my family, my cousin Amy is very creative.  Her twelve year old daughter has been following in that creative path since she was five or maybe younger. So when my kids and I went to their home yesterday to get a pedicure and a manicure for myself, I found the mommy and daughter team hard at work on yet another project (my cousin does umpteen creative things).

To the backbeat of Arabic music, she and her daughter were making jewelry for a women’s show she is involved in at St. Marino’s coming up on April 9th. Some of their stuff is really unique – such as the custom made rosaries that can be worn as a necklace or placed anywhere, like the car’s rear mirror, which Chaldeans are famous for doing. Each rosary is specialized with an entire family’s individual names. I love that!

As my cousin’s orange winged Amazon, Parker, gets to sit in a cage overlooking the attraction, it’s not difficult for him to announce his needs. Hey, orange winged Amazons have to eat too!