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A Poetic Visit


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As he tours different parts of the country, poet and publisher Michael Czarnecki of Wheeler, New York graced our home yesterday by his lovely visit. He arrived shortly after I brought my children home from school, we had a nice lunch together, and then over cardamom tea, he spent quite some time conversing with my flamboyant children and my husband.

At night, we made a bonfire and had barbecued hamburgers. We shared childhood stories and information about our neighborhoods. We live in an Iraqi American community. He lives in an Amish community. Hours passed and before we knew it, it was too late to make S’mores. It was time for bed.

Michael is the author of nearly a dozen books and his publishing company, FootHills Publishing, has published over 500 chapbooks. I met him about 5 years ago through a wonderful instructor/friend at Oakland Community College. I followed his work ever since and was always inspired by his poetry, his interesting and authentic lifestyle, and his breathtaking photography which you can read and view by visiting his website:

This morning Michael left after breakfast, heading to Richmond Library where he’s doing a workshop called “Palm of the Hand Memoir Writing.” In the evening, he will be doing a reading at the same library, then he’ll be driving back home to Wheeler, New York.

Michael left us with a wonderful memory – my children announced to the school that we were having an author stay at our house. He also left us with a jar of homemade maple syrup, 8 of his books to read over the summer, and this touching poem, #588 of his “daily spontaneous” poems.

Daily Spontaneous Poem #588

literary life
spiritual life
life in Iraq
life in America
stories told
from here
from there
three generations
under one roof
night barbecue
whiskey on rocks
one more
vibrant experience
on poetic road

FootHills Publishing is currently seeking poems for an anthology to celebrate birds: their natural history, their place in nature and in the environment they share with poems. Deadline is June 30, 2016 and for more information you can visit




Michael Czarnecki’s Rich Life


Whenever I receive a journal entry from Wheeler Hill Journal, I stop and stare at the words for a moment. I remember the author, Michael Czarnecki, whom I met at Oakland Community College years ago. We had sat around a table with two other women. I listened to him tell how in 1995, he decided to quit selling wine and make a living being a poet, publisher, oral memoirist and encourager, a decision which gave him the pleasure of going on “poetic road journeys” with his son.

In his recent entry, Czarnecki talks about how his family, who lives on Wheeler Hill near his Amish neighbors, has identified 92 species of flowers on the property as of today.

“We have been doing this for a little over a decade now,” he wrote. Last year, they counted 161 flowers, which was a record. The Czarnecki family also keeps track of the birds every year. Their average yearly count has been in the seventies.

Whenever Czarnecki shares his adventures, I am in awe to this rich life that like that of multi-millionaires, seems not easily attainable, belongs to the courageous that honor their lives enough to go after their dreams and live life to the fullest.
May such people’s lives inspire all of us to listen to and honor our calling!

Many of Czarnecki’s photos are featured on this Facebook link: