Burger King is Healthy Food!

A few days ago my nieces spent the night and the next day, I decided to take them to Burger King for lunch. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy so I observed the menu and pushed myself to order the chicken Caesar salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing. I placed the tray of chicken nuggets, whopper Jr.’s, fries, ketchup and sodas on one table where the kids immediately attacked.

At a separate table I sat with my tray of salad. I undid the plastic lid, looked at the salad and without even touching the thing, I got sick. I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t sit at a Burger King and not eat a whopper! Not when everyone around me was doing it. I returned the salad to the front, apologized profusely and asked if I could swap it for a whopper.

“Of course!” said the manager. She totally sympathized.

I immersed in my whopper, all the meanwhile remembering the wise words my son spoke last winter, “Burger King is healthy.”

It sure is. After enjoying my whopper, I was able to exercise at the gym, focus on my writing, make my husband a nice dinner, tell my kids a bedtime story – all with a smile on my face!