Sharing Some Updates


I hope everyone had a lovely summer. Mine was busy with the kids and now that they’ve gone back to school, I’d like to share some updates regarding my work.

1. My website got a makeover and soon I’ll be blogging posts that will inspire and help writers tell their stories, whether to get published or simply to heal and transform. Take a look by visiting and following my new blog. Here’s a link to my first blog, called Abraham, The Storyteller:

2. I’ve started a Meetup Group called “The Interactive Book Club” It starts Sept. 18 and in it, we’ll 1) Read a Book 2) Journal how the ancient lessons in the book apply to your daily life. 3) Put these concepts into practice
Check it out and RSVP!

3. I’m keeping for future use as I transition some of my work into videos and film.

Thank you so much for having taken the time to read my posts and being part of my journey. I do hope you stay connected.