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Lisa Nichols – I know, like I know, like I know, like I know


A few months ago I received an email invitation from Mindvalley Academy for a live creative visualization session with Lisa Nichols. Lisa was described as “The Secret’s” amazing star. I signed up for the session, not expecting to get what I got.

For many years, I have read books on the power of the subconscious mind, creative visualizations, looking within and manifesting your dreams. As a result, I have been able to live the life that I want. But of course, no matter where one is, there’s always that passion and desire for growth and mystery. The day of the live session, Lisa took me deeper than I had gone in a long time. Her voice pierced through my heart like sunshine and lightening, making my vision resonate the words that she’s famous for saying – “I know like I know like I know like I know.”

Then in April, she offered a “Power Week” free teleseminar where every morning, she set a powerful intention for the day, did an inspirational interview with one of her friends, wrapped up with a power action for people to do that day, and sometimes she sent out a homework assignment.

What I liked most about Lisa is that she’s not all about the money. She talks about her son quite a bit, about the value of healthy relationships, and during part of the “Power Week” she was talking to us from the hospital where her father was going to have surgery. She said she’d turned her car and the hospital waiting room into her office. I loved that! It reminded me how for a month now, I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital where my mom is, lugging around a computer and a heavy bag of notebooks.

“How many of you have an amazing life but you get distracted by the BUT?” she once asked.

Lisa is about motivating the masses (, and she’s worth listening to, or at least reading her books, like “No Matter What!”

Starting Point: Find Your Place in the Story


When I signed up for “Starting Point”, a ten week bible study class, I was not sure why I signed up. All I knew was that the past sixteen months of going to Freedom Christian had taught me quite a bit about the religion I was born into, the religion of my ancestors, and I wanted to honor this religion by learning more.

Each week, people in the group talked about their story of faith, and then through a book, CD, and conversations with the pastor and his wife we explored many subject matters, particularly the role God has played in our story up until now. Thought-provoking questions were raised and ways of becoming more intimate with God were discussed. Everyone’s courage in sharing their stories, in proclaiming how their faith changed their lives, touched and inspired me.

Through the process, I began to see my place in the story, remembering my grandparents who lived in the then Christian village of Telkaif in northern Iraq. My maternal grandfather Tobia went to church every morning at 5:30am, before he had breakfast and began working on his farm. He went to church a second time in the evening, before dinner. I remembered my people, the Chaldeans, who were one of the first in the Middle East to embrace Christianity and I reflected on the persecution they have had to endure for hundreds of years, especially in the last ten years. I looked at my relationship with Jesus, and saw how his energy lived on from one generation to the next – in our case, for two thousand years. He was in our blood.

“I know the story Jesus has had in my life throughout the years,” I said when I shared my story with the class. “Now, through the Bible, I want to read about his story.”

So while the class ended today, my story in this journey is just beginning.